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Yeastar Workplace for meeting rooms


Yeastar have released Workplace for meeting rooms. Workplace is designed to alleviate bottlenecks associated with workspace management. With cloud-based platforms, digital devices, and smart sensors communicating to one another,  Yeastar Workplace into a truly interactive one-stop workplace scheduling solution for modern office and the future of work, covering meeting rooms, desks, and visitors management.

As the first step in establishing Yeastar Workplace as a comprehensive solution, the following products are offered to create a meeting room booking system to help businesses step away from the hustle and bustle of booking a meeting room.

  • Get a birds eye view of all bookings through a customisable dashboard
  • Book a room on-the-fly
  • See vacant rooms at a glance
  • Check-in’s mean unused rooms are released back into the pool
  • Occupancy sensors mark rooms vacant when no occupants are detected
  • People counting sensors ease COVID requirements for limiting the number of room occupants
  • The intuitive cloud-based platform is easy to learn and manage

At present, Yeastar Workplace consists of the following components:

The Room Display: 10.1″ touch screen 1280 x 720 resolution. Local power and WiFi or PoE Yeastar-Workplace-meeting-room-display
The Occupancy Sensor: battery powered, PIR presence detection and NFC capabilities milesight-ws202-ai-workplace-sensor
The People Counting Sensor: locally powered with Ai vision and WiFi milesight-vs121-workplace-sensor-people-object-detection
The Smart Devices Gateway: allows up to 8 devices to be connected. locally powered with WiFi or PoE and has a built-in network server milesight-ug65-indoor-gateway-8-ch
The Room Comfort Sensor: battery powered with e-ink display and NFC capabilities. Measures temperature, humidity, ambient light, CO2 and TVOC’s am307-sensor


All Workplace panels come with the basic plan with the option to upgrade to the Pro plan for additional functionality.

Feature Basic plan (included with all Workplace panels) Optional Pro plan
Bookable users Unlimited Unlimited
Bookable rooms (Workplace panels) 4 Initial plan covers 4 rooms/panels and is then expandable per room/panel
Room Booking and Management Yes Yes
Room Agenda Yes Yes
Multiple Organisations Yes Yes
Interactive Room Display Yes Yes
Room Sensors No Yes
Outlook Calendar Integration No Yes
Reporting and Analytics No Yes
Integration with Google Workplace, Office 365 and Teams No Future


Coming in 2022 Yeastar Workplace will integrate with the P-Series IP PBX platform via the conferencing panel.

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