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Yeastar P-Series January 2022 firmware update


Yeastar P-Series January 2022 firmware update
Appliance Edition
Software Edition

Last week, Yeastar released some new firmware for the P-Series IP PBX – Appliance Edition and Software Edition

This update adds a number of new features:

Queue Callback

With Queue Callback feature, customers can request a callback and hang up the call directly, without having to wait on line for a long time. Once there is an agent available, he/she will call back to the customer, thus greatly improving customer satisfaction. You can set up the callback request triggered by caller input, or auto-triggered when timeout. Also, you can customize queue notification to send an email to queue manager when a callback request is made or when a callback is failed. Two additional call reports have been added to help the relevant leaders to track and estimate queue performance – Queue Callback Summary and Queue Callback Activity.

Hot Standby

Adding a desirable feature from the S-Series, P-Series now offers Hot Standby. This allows you to set two PBXs as a Hot Standby pair, one as a primary server while the other as a secondary server. Upon failure of the primary server, the secondary server automatically takes over the PBX system. This Hot Standby solution offers you the ability to provide high availability for your business phone system, helping to prevent unnecessary business loss caused by unexpected service failure.

Linkus Web Client Function Key

You can set up function keys on PBX management portal or Linkus Web Client. In the former versions, the function keys can only be applied to auto-provisioned IP phones. In the new version, the function keys can also be applied to Yeastar Linkus Web Client and ‘Yeastar Linkus for Google’ Chrome extension.  Up to 120 function keys are supported.

Salesforce CRM Integration

In addition to Zoho CRM integration, Salesforce CRM integration is now supported so you can quickly integrate Salesforce CRM with the company’s PBX system through simple operations, and achieve the following functions:

  • Call popup
  • Click to Call
  • Contact Synchronization
  • Automatic Contact Creation
  • Call Journal
AutoCLIP Route

AutoCLIP can redirect incoming call to original extension. The Yeastar P-Series PBX System can automatically store information about outgoing calls to the AutoCLIP routing table. When customer calls back, the call will be routed directly to the original extension that made the outgoing call to the customer before. This feature neatly avoids having to pay for a DID number block.

LDAP Server

LDAP Server provides centralised phonebook management on Yeastar P-Series PBX System. You can store your contacts on PBX, and connect to IP phone via LDAP protocol. In this way, you can search key words from your IP phone, and remotely search the contacts on the PBX in real-time.

File Sharing

You can set up file sharing feature on System > Storage > File Sharing, which allows users to access the files that are stored in the PBX local or external storage via FTP, share files that are stored in PBX external storage, or upload/download specified files in PBX via TFTP on the same LAN.

Blocked Numbers & Allowed Numbers

The Block Numbers & Allowed Numbers feature can easily help you get rid of unwanted calls. Blocked Number is used to block incoming and/or outgoing calls. If you add a phone number of incoming call into the blocked number list, you will not receive the call from this number any longer. Likewise, if you add a phone number of outgoing call in the blocked number list, you can not call the number any longer. Allowed Number is used to filter specific numbers from the Blocked Number list, which can prevent trusted numbers from being blocked. Allowed Numbers have higher priority than Blocked Numbers so adding numbers in Allowed Number doesn’t mean that PBX only allow these numbers to call in or be called out.

Call Accounting

You can set up call rate on Reports and Recordings > Call Reports > Rate. This feature allows you to monitor the billing statistics for different calls based on long distance or local for individual or departments within the company, which can help you estimate and control the budget. Two additional call reports are added – Extension Call Accounting and Extension Call Accounting Details, to get dedicated call accounting reports for each phone call, extension, extension group, etc. Yeastar Enterprise Plan or Ultimate Plan is required.

Jabra Headset enhancements

Added support for integrating with Jabra Headsets to answer, hold, reject, or end calls, manage the volume and mute the microphone directly for easy and flexible call control.

The following Jabra Headset series are supported:

  • Jabra Evolve Series
  • Jabra Pro Series
  • Jabra Biz Series
  • Jabra Speak Series
  • Jabra Engage Series
Improvement and bug fixes

Web Interface
Optimised the user experience of web interface.

Auto Provisioning
Added support for the following IP phones:

  • Yealink SIP-CP935W
  • Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
  • H2
  • H2P
  • M8
  • Tiptel
  • 3310
  • 3320
  • 3330
  • 3340

Added support for auto provisioning LDAP directory feature.

The Yeastar P-Series January 2022 firmware update is free to add on all Yeastar P-Series IP PBX’s. If you want to discuss if a Yeastar P-Series will be suitable for your business, please contact us through the website or call us 1300799115.

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