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Yeastar P-Series IP PBX System Version

Yeastar P-Series IP PBX System Version
Yeastar has released some new firmware for the P-Series  IP PBX. It has a number of new features and enhancements as detailed below:
New features
Phonebooks (For Enterprise Plan/ Ultimate Plan)

Phonebooks feature helps you to achieve the followings:

  • Group company contacts into different phonebooks.
  • Grant permissions to different department separately.
  • One-way contact synchronisation from an integrated CRM to a PBX phonebook.
  • Access the phonebooks with Linkus clients anywhere anytime.
    Note: Linkus Desktop Client doesn’t support Phonebooks feature.
For more information, see Contacts Overview and Manage Company Phonebooks.
Zoho CRM Integration
With the Zoho CRM Integration feature, you can quickly integrate Zoho CRM with the company’s PBX system through simple operations, and achieve the following functions:
  • Call popup
  • Click to Call
  • Contact Synchronisation
  • Automatic Contact Creation
  • Call Journal
For more information, see Zoho CRM Integration Overview.
Popup URL
Popup URL feature allows a lightweight integration with a third-party application (such as CRM system, ERP system, or order management system, etc.) to achieve call popup. When an extension receives a call, the PBX calls the URL of the third-party application and retrieves relevant customer data to display on the pop-up web page.
Note: This feature only works when Linkus Web Client is logged in.
For more information, see Set up Third-party Integration for Call Popup.
Voicemail Transcription
Added support for integrating with a third-party voice recognition service to realise the function of Voicemail Transcription. With Voicemail Transcription, users can read the voicemail in text format on Linkus Web Client or view the text in a mail client.


  • The current version only supports the integration with Google Speech-to-Text service.
  • Supported Linkus clients:
    • Linkus Web Client: Supported in this version
    • Linkus Mobile Client: Will be supported in the later version
    • Linkus Desktop Client: Not supported
For more information, see Speech to Text (STT) Overview.
Outbound Call Frequency Restriction
To secure enterprise communications and reduce the economic loss if the PBX system has been hacked, a default Outbound Call Frequency Restriction rule is built in the Yeastar P-Series PBX System:
  • An extension user can make up to 5 outbound calls in 1 second.
Note: You can adjust the default rule or add more rules on the PBX according to your needs.
For more information, see Limit Outbound Call Frequency of an Extension.
PIN List
PIN List allows you to define groups and assign a password list to each group. A PIN list can be applied to an outbound route to enhance communication security. When users try to make outbound calls, they are required to enter PIN codes.
For more information, see Restrict Outbound Calls by PIN Codes.
DHCP Server
Yeastar P-Series PBX System can be configured as a DHCP server that automatically assigns IP addresses, default gateways, and other network parameters to client devices (such as IP phones, PCs, etc.).
Note: Make sure that only one DHCP server is set up in your local network.
For more information, see Set up PBX as a DHCP Server.
Improvements and bug fixes
System stability
Improved the system stability.
Auto Provisioning
  • Added support for the following IP phones:
    Vendor Phone model
    • T58W
    • W70B
    • X3S Lite/X3SP Lite
    • X3S Pro/X3SP Pro
    • X3SW
    • X3SG Lite, X3SG Pro
    • X3U Pro
    • D120
    • D315, D335, D385
    • D717, D735, D785
    • UC902, UC902S
    • UC903
    • UC912, UC912G, UC912E
    • UC921, UC921G
    • UC923, UC923U
    • UC924, UC924E, UC924U, UC924W
    • UC926, UC926E, UC926U
    • FIP10, FIP11C, FIP12WP, FIP13G, FIP14G, FIP15G, FIP15G Plus, FIP16, FIP16 Plus
  • Added support for auto provisioning one extension to multiple IP phones.
    Note: How many IP phones an extension can be registered to depends on Concurrent Registrations of the extension.
  • Fixed the Function Key issue: Call Pickup for a monitored extension didn’t work via a function key.
    Note: If the type of function key is set to BLF and the value is set to an extension number, this function key not only can be used to monitor the extension, but also can be used to pick up the monitored extension’s incoming calls.
Web Interface
  • Added support for Portuguese web interface.
  • Optimised the user experience of web interface.
Web Service
HTTPS port is allowed to be set to 443.
Note: Except port 443, other ports from 1 to 1023 are NOT allowed.
Call Report
Fixed Call Report issue: The statistics in the DID/Outbound Caller ID Activity report was incorrect for the inbound calls that were routed to a queue based on DID numbers.
Fixed the issue of agent status: Switching agent status by dialling a code didn’t take effect.
Group Voicemail
Fixed the issue that if a group voicemail was set to Broadcast to Members mode, the received voicemail messages were abnormal and could not be read.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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