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Yeastar introduces 4G LTE option for S-Series PABX

Enhancing the already feature-packed Yeastar S-Series VoIP PABX, Yeastar has introduced a 4G LTE module that can be installed in any of the four models – S20, S50, S100 or S300 running Version or higher. With Wi-Fi capable phones this means it would be possible to have an almost wireless phone system that would be ideal for temporary setups, mobile offices, trade shows, etc.

In some locations it is not possible to provide sufficient bandwidth over a wired connection so 4G is the only alternative.

Yeastar enables 4G cellular data on SIM card with 4G LTE Module, making the 4G LTE become the primary internet connection for S-Series VoIP PBX. Supporting 3G/4G network standard and high speed data transmission, the 4G capable S-Series VoIP PBX can register SIP trunks and make SIP calls with built-in data. VoLTE is also possible with carrier support.

The card is available in five different versions to suit various international regions.


Enable 4G cellular data on SIM card to use up to 150Mbps 4G LTE as the primary internet connection for S-Series PBX and enjoy all the powerful features of S-Series VoIP PBX. It is suitable for temporary locations, mobile offices, and places where a fixed-line broadband is not available.

Automatically reroute the S-Series PBX’s internet usage to the cost-effective 4G LTE wireless network and provide businesses with an essential internet continuity option when the PBX’s primary internet connection fails. With 4G LTE failover, SIP trunks are even more resilient.

Place the phone call over LTE connection rather than the existing 2G/3G voice networks. With VoLTE, you can expect faster connection time, high-definition call quality. Improving call stability, voice quality, and message integrations, VoLTE offers great benefits to companies.

For the Yeastar S-Series IP PBX as an appliance or cloud instance or the new P-Series IP PBX as an appliance, Software Edition or cloud instance, please contact us.

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