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Which cordless phone should I pick?

While it is possible to put an app on a mobile and be connected to the office phone system, in some circumstances this can’t be done such as in a childcare centre due to privacy concerns or if the staff are providing their own mobiles and don’t want to have a work app on it.

In these situation the cordless phone still has its place but which one do you pick as they come in 2 varieties – DECT and WiFi.

In a general office situation, the DECT cordless phone works very well. A single radio base station is somewhat centrally located that supports multiple handsets. We prefer the Yealink or Gigaset DECT cordless phone because of the separate radio base and charging base for the handsets. This allows considerable flexibility in placement. You install the radio base where you have network access and you only need a power socket for each cordless handset. The Yealink radio base can be powered with PoE or local power while the Gigaset radio base needs local power. To expand coverage repeaters can be added but each repeater you add means one less cordless handset on that base.



In larger areas you can get multi-cell DECT setups from Yealink however these require cabling and you may run into distance limitations for the cabling.

An alternative to DECT is a WiFi cordless phone. Many places such as warehouses, childcare or conference venues have an existing WiFi network so no additional infrastructure is needed. The two caveats are that the signal strength must be good and the WiFi network must be configured correctly to ensure the correct handoff between access points.

We use Linkvil (Fanvil) and Grandstream handsets in this case. Both offer different feature sets and can simply be configured up as required.

ICS Technologies is located in Brisbane, Australia. Contact us to discuss cordless handsets.

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