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Where has my socket gone?

One of my techs attended a customer site to investigate their SIP trunk not working but also ended up fixing the network point for one of the IP phones that has the printer piggybacked off it. The fix for the SIP trunk was pretty simple, the phone system had not picked up a change upstream so the trunk only needed to be forced out of service and back in service again.

The missing socket was a bit more involved. The background is that they had called a carrier about the line problem (not the carrier providing the service). The carrier had no idea, of course, and neither did the customer so the carrier asked the customer to unplug all the phones to do an isolation test. They have IP phones connected to a phone system so unplugging them wasn’t going to provide any sort of isolation test. When they had tried to plug one of the phones back in, they were a bit heavy handed and pushed the socket out of the wall plate into the cavity.

Normally when that happens the cable is just waiting for you in the cavity and can be seen simply by removing the wall plate and assuming the socket isn’t damaged it can just be popped back in the wall plate. In this case, however, it had disappeared like it was elastic under tension. Fortunately for my tech, there was a TV further up on the wall with another wall plate that could be removed to get a tongue in there and easily pull the cable back down. It had an off-brand socket on there left over from the original install so the tech decided to replace it to be sure. We did not do the original install but when the customer took over the premises about 3 and a half years ago it was found the previous tenant had cut off all the patch panels and taken them. We ran in some additional cables and terminated all the cables on a new patch panel installed in a proper half-height cabinet with the rest of the equipment.

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