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Was it the damaged cable or not?


We got called out to a Bendigo Bank to assist with an ATM issue since it was not connecting. The branch had been renovated, the data cabinet moved and completely rewired and apparently all outlets were tested. The ATM was suspected rather than the cabling but their people said it couldn’t be because they had only powered it off so it had to be in the cabling. The cabler was unable to attend so we were asked to have a look at the issue.

We were also asked to plug some of the VoIP phones back in that we had installed earlier this year.

In looking at the ATM, the problem seemed obvious – the damaged cable that had been crimped in the door hinge however that still tested OK (believe it or not). There was another blue cable running through the correct path but that tested faulty (made up by a security guy) and there was a grey cable that seemed to be the original but was too short.
I tried to use one of the existing cables as a draw wire but there were too many obstacles in the cable path. It was much easier one I gained access to the the machine. It is a fairly convoluted path to keep clear of the mechanism and the hole in the base is quite small.

I ran the new cable, connected it up but still no connectivity…

I tested the wall sockets and switch ports and my laptop could be seen by the Bendigo Bank Telco Network Operations Centre in both cases so it seemed to point to the ATM being the fault. Power cycling it seemed to bring up some signs of life and an active network port but nothing on the screen at the back.

Looks like a job for the NCR tech after all…

If you have connectivity issues with your devices with a damaged cable or other cause then please contact us through the website or call us on 1300 799 115. 

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