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TP-Link TL-WR902AC

TP-Link TL-WR902AC


TP Link have released an update to the very popular TL-MR3020 travel router – the TL-WR902AC.

The TL-WR902AC, like it’s older brother, is a compact travel router. All of my techs currently have an MR3020 in their tool kit because it is so versatile. Now your requirements are very likely to be different from ours but I’ve never found a situation where I felt I needed something better – before now.

The TL-WR902AC can operate as a Router, Hotspot, Range Extender, with Client and Access Point modes. It has a single Ethernet port that can be either WAN or LAN and 802.11AC wireless capable of 450Mbps on 5GHz and 300Mbps on 2.4GHz.

It has a USB port that a 4G dongle can be plugged into and it can either be powered by a standard smartphone charger or off the USB port in a PC.

Some may see the lack of a separate Ethernet WAN port, battery and SIM capability as limitations but if you need those then there are other devices available but at a higher price.

If you are in a hotel with a wired connection but bad wireless coverage then create your own hotspot with the TL-WR902AC.

If you are in a hotel with a wired connection that only plugs into an Apple TV then plug in a switch, plug the Apple TV back in and plug in the TL-MR902AC to again create your own hotspot. How many of the techies amongst us don’t take a small network switch one travelling?

Working remotely? Plug in a 4G dongle and connect to your laptop either wirelessly or through the Ethernet cable.

Need to get wireless to the other side of the room in a temporary situation? Get a second TL-MR902 and create a wireless bridge.

If I’m out on site trying to configure a piece of equipment that is configured to pick up a network address automatically then connecting it to the TL-MR902AC allows me to see what address has been allocated so I can configure it to suit the customers network.

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