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The phones are down…


We recently picked up another maintenance customer with Avaya IP500v2’s at 4 sites across Brisbane. They have all been installed at different times and were all obtained second-hand with an unknown history. All have been brought up to Release 9.1 but different Service Packs. They want to link them properly and have a centralised operator with reporting so that is a future job.

A couple of weeks prior I had attended site to reset the admin password as the supplied passwords wouldn’t let me in and install an edited music-on-hold file until their external players arrive.

We received a call on Monday from their integrator that on one of the sites that “the phones were down” but calls were ringing out so the system appeared to be still powered up and the SIP trunk registered.

One of my techs was heading past the site on the way to a less critical job in Ipswich so he was able to call in within an hour of the call being received. Apparently the system had failed on Saturday afternoon and power resets had failed to get the phones working again. As soon as he got close to the system that is in an unlit area under the stairs the acrid smell and the telltale ticking was a dead giveaway of a card failure.

On powering off the system and extracting all the cards, the culprit was quickly found – the DS8 card had major scorch mark on it.

My tech only had a Combo card on board but as the site only has 5 phones that was sufficient to get them up and running and after a small amount of programming, all phones were back the way they were with the exception of extn 107 being changed to 105.

We have had a few DS8 cards cremate themselves like this. Fortunately it doesn’t appear to affect the rest of the phone system.

For any service work on your Avaya IP Office phone system especially if your phones are down, please contact us.

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