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The evolution of paging speakers

Paging speakers are essential in many business environments. With the evolution to IP-based phone systems, older analogue systems can be hard to interface and inflexible. Grandstream’s GSC range offers a solution to fill this gap. The GSC range enables easy 1 or 2-way hands free communication which is great for loud environments requiring clear audio announcements.
Grandstream’s paging speaker range use standard SIP protocols and can easily connect to modern day PBX systems such as Yeastar or Avaya. They support PoE, WiFi and Bluetooth for easy deployment, without needing expensive wiring. They also feature both alert and multicast-based paging. The GSC range also has a 2 pin multipurpose port that can support a call button such as something from the Algo range.
Use cases for paging speakers include:
  • A regular office especially with multiple floors. Call handling by the receptionist is much easier if they can park the call and send out a page for them to retrieve from any phone.
  • The hospitality sector with its bars, restaurants and hotels. Dual band 802.11ac/g/n WiFi allow for simple installations as WiFi is typically deployed with coverage for the entire site. They facilitate a means to make emergency announcements, as well as provide background music for common areas. The GSC3510 with microphone provides a simple method of hands-free communication for both staff and visitors.
  • Academic institutions with the likes of schools and universities can take advantage of an easy means for urgent mass announcements. Hallways, cafeterias and libraries can embrace this method of notices around period changes, emergencies and general campus wide transmissions. This can save on expensive paging systems and wiring, by connecting via WiFi. Teachers can link their devices via Bluetooth to the speakers as an effective means of playing audio, and making calls. The range has a multichannel microphone array design with 3 directional mics for a wide voice pickup range, untethering teachers from their desks.
  • Warehouses and factories can be a challenge when it comes to phones. Phones have a hard time in this environment being either dropped or squashed. The GSC range gives staff the ability to call out incoming deliveries and communicate with other staff, without having to track down a phone.
  • Doctors and dentists are excellent candidates for paging. The ability to give crystal clear announcements is critical for large medical centres. This gives paging for both staff and doctors, and the Grandstream range supports prioritised paging. For example, if a receptionist is making a paging announcement, a doctor can take priority for a more urgent page across the system.
If you are considering new or retrofitting paging speakers, contact us to discuss the Grandstream range.

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