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The Avaya IP Office can do what? – Twinning

The Avaya IP Office can do what? – Twinning

The Avaya IP Office phone system has a multitude of features to make day to day call handling easier. The feature for discussion today is Twinning.

Since many people spend time out of the office, how do you ensure your callers can get hold of you when you are not at your desk phone? It is possible to activate a call forward on your phone if the phone is busy, if the phone is not answered or for all calls but it only works if you remember to turn it on…

The ‘set and forget’ option is Twinning. Twinning allows your desk phone and mobile (or any other phone) to ring simultaneously when a call is received. When the call comes in to your desk phone, another call is originated to the designated number allowing the call to be taken on either phone. If you are using a VoIP line and the carrier allows CLI passthrough then it is possible to see the number of the incoming caller in case the call is unable to be answered on the mobile. The missed call shows up as the callers number enabling you to call them back – even if they don’t leave a message.

It is no longer necessary to give you your mobile number in addition to your direct number.

What happens if you are on a call on your mobile but are just coming back into the office and want to continue with the call on your desk phone? This is no problem. We can add a Twinning button to your phone so that the call can be brought back to your desk phone. It will also allow a call to be extended out to your mobile in case you need to continue a call.

How are missed calls handled? Where the voicemail will end up will depend on the timers in your mobile and your Avaya IP Office as to which expires first. This will determine which mailbox the missed call ends up in. This should preferably be your office voicemail to allow other redirection options.

Contact us if you would like to discuss implementing twinning or any of the other features available in the Avaya IP Office.

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Comments (4)

Julie Ann Slupe

Hi Jamie,

I have twinning setup on my Avaya J169 and it works for the most part. Although, once the call is retrieved from the office phone it will not twin back to the mobile. Any ideas?

Hi Julie, this is a hard one to answer by remote. Since you have J169’s you must be running Release 11. Do you know what patch as we are up to Service Pack 4 now – released last month.

I can’t find anything in the release notes about twinning issues but it’s always good to have the latest patch installed. It may also be something that is related to the type of trunk you are using.

Short answer is: it would be something for your phone system maintainer to check and if they can prove it is a fault then they can raise a case with Avaya.

why it will depend on the timers in your mobile?

If the voicemail timer in your mobile is longer than the voicemail timer in the phone system then the phone system picks up the call. It can then email the recording to you. If the voicemail timer in the mobile is shorter than the voicemail timer then the mobile voicemail will pick up the call.

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