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The Avaya IP Office can do what? – Hot Desking

The Avaya IP Office can do what? – Hot Desking

The Avaya IP Office phone system has a multitude of features to make day to day call handling easier. The feature for discussion today is Hot Desking.

Hot desking is often found in workplaces with flexible schedules for employees, where not all employees are actually working in an office at the same time or on the same schedules. Employees in such workplaces use existing offices only occasionally or for short periods of time, which leaves offices vacant. By sharing such offices, employees make more efficient use of company space and resources.

In sales-based organisation, perhaps with lots of offices is possible to have a lesser number of desk phones than you have sales staff. Every staff member has their own outside (Direct Inward Dial) number with corresponds to a User number. This number can be logged into any phone on any premise and calls to that DID number will be directed through. Of course calls can be twinned out to either the users mobile number or to the one-X or Equinox.

With the new feature of failover twinning offered by Release 11 Service Pack 4, it is not necessary to set up twinning before logging the phone out. For further details on the new features offered by Release 11 Service Pack 4, see the full article here.

Contact us if you would like to discuss implementing voicemail to email or any of the other features available in the Avaya IP Office.

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