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The Avaya IP Office can do what? – Answer Select

The Avaya IP Office can do what? – Answer Select

The Avaya IP Office phone system has a multitude of features to make day to day call handling easier. The feature for discussion today is Answer Select.

On the more advanced phones with large screens and self-labelling buttons, like the 9508 digital phone, the 9608G and 9611G IP Phone and J169 and J179 phones if you don’t need full-blown call centre functionality with multiple queues and skillsets but it is still necessary to selectively answer multiple hunt groups for different departments then it is possible to activate the Answer Select feature on a per user basis to allow selective answering of calls to individual hunt groups. Calls to the hunt groups are displayed on the Call Appearance keys allowing the more important calls to be answered first and other calls to be left for later, to queue or to go elsewhere such as an overflow unit group or voicemail.

This is where proper labelling of the hunt group is paramount so your staff can see the names of the groups easily to be able to prioritise the answering of calls.

Contact us if you would like to discuss implementing voicemail to email or any of the other features available in the Avaya IP Office.

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