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Telecommunications Line and Equipment Audits

We specialise in comprehensive Line and Equipment Audits and perform these regularly on behalf of end users and a major carriers. We have been auditing for many years and we are very good at them. National companies we have been asked to audit include Flight Centre and their associated brands, Commonwealth Bank, Bendigo Bank, Transpacific Industries, Queensland Health and BUPA Dental.

Most audits are simply to determine the phone lines you have, what they are being used for and if they can be rationalised for some cost savings. Beyond that, groupings and phone system capabilities are determined in preparation to move to another carrier using a different type of line for further cost savings. Deeper audits investigate networking hardware in the rack, routers, switches, wireless access points, etc.

Part of the auditing process is to compare your phone bills with what you have on site to ensure you are not paying for services you don’t need (or don’t have or are faulty).  We can even advise on the latest phone plans to make sure you are receiving the best value for money.

Do not believe companies who claim they can save you thousands just by looking at your phone bills to determine what lines are not being used and can be cancelled. Without really knowing what the lines are connected to they could wreak havoc across your business by unknowingly disconnecting EFTPOS and security lines. To do a proper audit it is necessary to attend site and trace the lines through from the Main Distribution Frame through the cabling system. Visiting the site is also the only way to determine if any lines are faulty.

Audits start from as low as $285 ex GST per site and rise based on the number of lines per site and what information needs to be captured. A comprehensive report will be prepared using the data collected and the results discussed with you.

Please remember that the audit is only accurate at the time it is performed and may end up being inaccurate by the following week because lines have been added or removed. It is useless to get an audit done for a project commencing in 6 to 12 months unless you have a very good change management process in place.

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