Video Conferencing

Video conferencing

24 May: The case for Video Conferencing

The widespread adoption of video collaboration Video conferencing has changed dramatically over the past few years, moving from being heavily invested in hardware to cloud-based solutions that take moments to set up. This shift to cloud has well and truly made an impact on Australian companies who have made it a priority to look for new ways to save time and money. It has also led to a growing number of companies adopting the ‘Bring…

Yealink Meeting Server

03 Jul: Yealink Meeting Server

In May 2017, Yealink launched their Meeting Server platform – a distributed cloud-based video conferencing infrastructure tailored for HD video conferencing collaboration in the modern workplace. The Yealink Meeting Server is an all-in-one solution to satisfy multiple video conferencing demands from enterprises. Featuring an advanced distributed cloud architecture, rich meeting functions, wide flexibility, security and reliability, the Yealink Meeting Server ensures users have an excellent meeting experience while cutting cost and improving efficiency. Based on an advanced…