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19 Feb: Intermittent call failure – Telstra SIP Connect

We have received a few reports of intermittent call failure when using Telstra SIP Connect. Only a handful of our customers have Telstra SIP Connect trunks and only a couple have a failover point in case of network problems so it has taken a while for this fault to manifest itself to an annoying level for our customers. The symptom is that intermittently a call will fail and go to the failover point although the…


25 Aug: Business communications in the post-ISDN era

Telstra has been threatening to do it for years but it appears that this time ISDN will become a thing of the past in about 2 years which is a similar timeline for European and US telcos. As a technology, ISDN has had a pretty good run being introduced to Australia in 1988 as the original overlay network that was phased out in 2000 after the introduction of the current ETSI standard in 1997 –…