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12 Dec: 7 steps to better phone system security

The flexibility offered by VoIP phone systems can be a security risk if they are not properly secured. Frequently we read about businesses losing tens of thousands of dollars over a weekend due to toll fraud where a hacker gains entry to their phone system and then makes multiple calls overseas. So how can you minimise the risks and protect your phone system from potential external and internal threats? Here are the current best practices:…

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02 Oct: Should I wait for NBN before I upgrade my phone system?

There seems to be a widespread belief that you shouldn’t upgrade your business telephone system before NBN arrives because you will have to upgrade it again once NBN is available. This is quite false and seems to be being spread by IT people whose core business is not telephony. If you need to upgrade your phone system because the old one is too small, doesn’t offer the features you now need or is failing then…


31 Jul: Five things to check in your phone system

  After more than 30 years in telecommunications and more than 20 years installing and programming phone systems I am constantly amazed by some of the very common mistakes companies still make with their business phone system. Like, really common mistakes. If you want to upset your customers then don’t bother reading the rest of this post… If you care about customer service or what your callers think then read on. In no particular order;…