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16 Dec: Avaya Vantage Use Cases

Avaya Vantage is phone that’s basically a Google tablet with a handset and quality audio. It offers a number of benefits across many industries but lets take a look at the possibilities in both healthcare and hospitality. For hotels, a Vantage phone could be used as a wall plate outside a room. The display shows the room number, a do-not-disturb indicator, and information on whether the room was to be made up or not. This…

Gigaset E630A GO

30 May: When simple jobs become complex

An Avaya customer we don’t often do work for contacted us the other day asking to have an extra IP phone activated and for us to see why their cordless phone in the warehouse won’t ring now. I tried plugging in the phone, it got power and a network address but couldn’t see the phone system. I had the greatest of difficulty in getting onto the network to see the phone system with my laptop….

Windows 10

28 May: Support for Windows 7 is ending

Microsoft has announced the end of support for Windows 7 and as such will no longer provide security updates either rendering any machine running Windows 7 increasingly insecure. This will obviously affect your production PC’s but consider the effect on the maintainability of your phone system and other equipment that require a specific administration application. Sometimes these administration applications depend on other technologies such as Java so updates to Java for security or other reasons…

4-wire line cord

15 May: ISDN2 that didn’t work – then it did

Our customers encompass many industries. This particular bank site had been struck by lightning at the end of March – killing both VDSL WIC and     BRI WIC in their Cisco 2911 router that does both voice and data. They still had data access over the 4G backup but no phones as that comes in over the ISDN2. Our first trip to site was to swap out the VDSL WIC and get that back…


11 Feb: ADI licenses being discontinued on Avaya IP Office

On the 4th of February, Avaya announced their intention to discontinue the supply of ADI licenses for any software version prior to R10 for the IP Office 500v2 phone system after the 5th of December 2019. This means that you will not be able to add any functionality unless a software update is performed to bring your system up to at least R10.1 or the current R11 that are licensed under the PLDS system. In…