09 Oct: New product: Cambium e510 Wave 2 outdoor access point

Cambium have added an extra model to their range of outdoor access points, the e510. The e510 is similar to the e500 but with several key differences; 802.11ac wave 2 supporting MU-MIMO. MU-MIMO can increase the network throughput up to 2x depending on the client types connected.  9dBi gain antenna on the 5GHz radio. The extra gain improves rate-at-range performance.  rail certified for Shock & Vibration. Use the e510 for mobile WiFi like industrial vehicles,…


23 Jul: cnConcierge from Cambium Networks

Guests value a speedy check-in to their accommodation and front desk staff need to move through waiting guests to check them in as efficiently as possible. To make it easier to create voucher codes for checking in guests, Cambium offers the cnConcierge app for Android or Apple iOS. Working in conjunction with cnMaestro, the cloud-based management platform, cnConcierge allows front desk staff to quickly create a voucher code for a guest and text it to…