cnMaestro Network Management Appliance

07 Oct: New Product: Cambium C4000 Controller Appliance

Cambium have released the C4000 cnMaestro Controller Appliance. cnMaestro is usually deployed from Cambium but there is an option to run your own instance in a Virtual Machine. If you want to have your own instance of cnMaestro but don’t want to install a VM on existing server hardware then the C4000 Controller Appliance is what you need.  The C4000 On-premises Appliance extends the single-pane-of-glass management model from the cnMaestro cloud to a single rack…


12 Aug: New Product: cnMatrix switches

To compliment their range of high-performance, cloud-managed wireless access points, Cambium Networks have introduced a range of cnMatrix network switches. Currently available in 8-port and 24-port versions with and without PoE+. Outstanding Performance Made Simple: Policy Based Automation: Ability to profile devices and automatically configure the switch providing a zero-touch experience even when deploying, disconnecting or moving network devices Benefit: Save time, and reduce costs with a true Zero Touch initial deployment Auto Device Segmentation:…


23 Jul: cnConcierge from Cambium Networks

Guests value a speedy check-in to their accommodation and front desk staff need to move through waiting guests to check them in as efficiently as possible. To make it easier to create voucher codes for checking in guests, Cambium offers the cnConcierge app for Android or Apple iOS. Working in conjunction with cnMaestro, the cloud-based management platform, cnConcierge allows front desk staff to quickly create a voucher code for a guest and text it to…