Cisco Meraki


21 Nov: End of Sale Cisco Meraki MX65 and MX65W

Cisco Meraki is announcing the end-of-sale for the following products, in accordance with their End-of-Sale (EOS) Policy for Meraki cloud managed networking products. The MX65 and MX65W have been replaced with the MX68 and MX68W respectively, which are functionally equivalent but offer almost double the performance of 450Mbps firewall and 200Mbps VPN throughput vs 250Mbps firewall and 100Mbps VPN throughput. We expect to be able to order the MX65 and MX65W to expand existing deployments until the 28th of…

MX67 & MX68

25 Sep: Cisco Meraki MX67, MX68 and Z3C

Cisco Meraki have released an additional 6 security appliances – the MX67 and MX68. Both MX67 and MX68 offer increased throughput of 450Mbps through the firewall and 200Mbps over VPN compared with 250Mbps through he firewall and 100Mbps over VPN of the existing MX64 and MX65 models. MX67 and MX67W offer the same 5 network ports as the MX64 and MX64W. MX68 and MX68W offer the same 12 network ports including 2 PoE+ ports as…

18 Jun: AAPT BC Fibre 1000 (if you have the need for speed…)

AAPT Business Connect has recently announced the availability of Fibre 1000 to selected buildings in the state and territory capitals. Its flexible nature means that it can be tailored to meet your connectivity and business requirements. With 1000Mbps, you’ll be future proofing your business performance. Their Fibre 400 product was outstanding value for money offering 1:1 contention ratio and unlimited data at just $399 per month but now go Gigabit for not much more a month….

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13 Sep: Cisco Meraki new products

  Cisco Meraki have introduced some exciting new products into their range. MX250 and MX450 Security Appliances Firstly there are the new MX250 and MX450 Security Appliances. These both offer 2 x 10G SFP+ WAN ports and 8 x Gigabit RJ45, 8 x Gigabit SFP and 8 x 10G SFP+ LAN ports. The firewall throughput of the MX250 is 4Gbps, VPN throughput is 1Gbps and the MX250 is recommended for up to 2000 clients. The…


16 Aug: End-of-Sale: Cisco Meraki MR62

  Cisco Meraki is announcing the end-of sale for the MR62 ruggedised, high capacity outdoor Access Point. Final orders will be will be accepted up to the 15th of November 2017 however, the actual final date may be earlier if stock runs out. The End-of-Support date is 15th of November 2024. This means that existing MR62’s can continue to be licensed and will be replaced if they fail up until that date. They may be…