Cambium cnPilot e700

22 Jun: Cambium cnPilot e700 outdoor access point

Cambium has released a new IP67-rated outdoor wireless access point – the cnPilot e700. The e700 is a cost-effective, cloud-managed access point designed for: Enterprise and industrial campus Hospitality Higher Education campus Public Wi-Fi Operational superiority IP67 weather resilient Outdoor Access Point with an omni-directional antenna, enhanced temperature range (-40 to +65 C), electrostatic discharge protection, LTE filtering and even a heater for very cold environments. Capable of 512 max concurrent client associations, 16 SSIDs, WPA-2…

Mesh network

17 Aug: Best practices for deploying WiFi mesh – Cambium

cnPilot access points support wifi meshing to allow easy extension of the coverage area, without worrying about running more cables. This article will cover some of the common best practices while deploying WiFi Mesh. Avoid single points of failure: whenever possible enable two Access Points as Mesh Base units, for each of the Mesh Clients in your deployment. This way if one of them goes down the Mesh client will have an alternate path back to the…