BCM50 and digital phones phones

03 Jan: Unusual BCM50 fault

First official day back and we get a call from a long term charity customer with a fully expanded and well licensed BCM50 that had some of the phones stuck initialising, some with incorrect time and date and others blank. Any attempt to dial out was unsuccessful. As this BCM50 has been installed for a number of years and the hard drive has never been changed there was every likelihood that it had failed over…

Money flying away

27 Dec: Why don’t people want to save money on their telecommunications

We are starting to encounter a puzzling phenomena – people who wish to retain very old phone systems that have long been out of production and in some cases are not working correctly for whatever reason but are unable to be fixed. One in particular has had a fairly significant corruption of the programming due to a power failure. The system is an old Nortel Enterprise Edge that predates the Business Communications Manager. This one…