06 Sep: Overcome the 6 common fears of upgrading your legacy phone system

Have you considered your business phone system recently? Chances are that you have may not noticed a few shortcomings. Maybe the equipment is old and phones are worn, maintenance costs are rising or increasing business needs expose limitations? With the move to switch off ISDN and PSTN, the only options are VoIP-based ones – either cloud or a more up to date on premise system. A fundamental change of this kind can be a daunting…

Convert to VoIP

27 Jun: 5 Tips to make an easy transition to VoIP

With the NBN rollout in full swing it’s not a case of if you upgrade to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) but when. VoIP actually brings increased flexibility and reduced cost and, when it is done right, is highly reliable with great call quality. A successful conversion does need some careful planning.  There are several key components you should consider to make a successful shift. If you’ve already started the upgrading process to VoIP, or are…

Avaya 1616

26 Jun: End of Sale: Avaya 1616-I IP Deskphone

Avaya have updated their End-of-Sale notice for the 1616-I IP Deskphones  to the 11th of June 2019. If you require these phones then you are highly encouraged to place an order now to minimise the risk of availability issues. Availability cannot be guaranteed. The migration path is the J169 or J179 if a colour screen is desired along with their button modules however, the J100 series phones including the J129 and J139 require Release 11…

Gigaset E630A GO

30 May: When simple jobs become complex

An Avaya customer we don’t often do work for contacted us the other day asking to have an extra IP phone activated and for us to see why their cordless phone in the warehouse won’t ring now. I tried plugging in the phone, it got power and a network address but couldn’t see the phone system. I had the greatest of difficulty in getting onto the network to see the phone system with my laptop….

Windows 10

28 May: Support for Windows 7 is ending

Microsoft has announced the end of support for Windows 7 and as such will no longer provide security updates either rendering any machine running Windows 7 increasingly insecure. This will obviously affect your production PC’s but consider the effect on the maintainability of your phone system and other equipment that require a specific administration application. Sometimes these administration applications depend on other technologies such as Java so updates to Java for security or other reasons…