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Albany Creek, Queensland, Australia
07 3882 2933

Swoop Broadband

Swoop Broadband offers wired and wireless Internet. If you are in an area where you need additional bandwidth and NBN is not providing good speed then wireless delivery may be your solution.

If you are looking for a backup connection that is independent of carrier cabling then wireless delivery may also be your solution.

Deployment times are considerably faster than traditional solutions – especially where fibre needs to be deployed.

Swoop uses state-of-the-art equipment to create its flexible wireless broadband and managed ICT services. Our equipment is fast to install and simple to maintain. That means fast deployment and less down-time.

Bandwidth can be added or reduced in a matter of days – rather than weeks or months.

Service levels depend on the support package chosen.

Contact us to see if Swoop is the right option for your Internet access. Not all antennas are set up for multipoint so a Service Qualification needs to be done for every enquiry.

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