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SNAP Messages on Hold

Redefine your customer’s perception of professionalism with SNAP Messages

We provide generic music and announcements with all of our phone system installations but why not consider a customised music package from Snap Messages particularly if you are using an auto attendant where the greetings for that can be professionally recorded too?

SNAP Messages provides your callers with professionally recorded advertising message(s) when calls are placed on hold. SNAP Messages consults with you to create a professional voice script, unique to your business and then records it in a studio with specialised voice talent. Music is then mixed in behind it. On completion of the recording(s) they are emailed to you for uploading into the phone system or external player.

Two basic packages are available – Lite and Pro:

  • Lite consists of a welcome greeting, a night service greeting and a 90 second music on hold program. This allows it to be uploaded to an Avaya IP500 V2. The Lite package costs $275 ex GST once only.
  • Pro consists of a welcome greeting, a night service greeting and 6 music on hold programs for loading on an external player. The programs can be loaded one at a time at different times of the year or can all play in sequence. The Pro package costs $525 ex GST once only.

Customised packaged can be quoted on request.

Different phone systems have different capabilities for providing Music on Hold internally. Some have several inputs which can be used if multiple companies are sharing a single phone system.

The most versatile method of getting music into a phone system is with an external solid-state player. The recording is stored on a USB stick and updated recordings can either be emailed out to load onto the USB flash drive or some more advanced players can be connected to the Internet for automatic updates.

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