Terracom IPSM-1 C40 SIP speaker module

Terracom IPSM-1 C40 SIP speaker module


Mic input

IPSM-1 C40, IPSM-1 C40M

The Terracom IPSM-1 C40 is and adaptable IP module that can convert a standard low impedance speaker, whether it is ceiling, cabinet or horn, to make it IP addressable and powered via Ethernet.

Allowing an additional four standard low impedance speakers to be connected into one IP IPSM Module means that providing each speaker doesn’t need to be individually addressable, the IP functionality cost can be effectively spread across 3-4 speakers, as opposed to one.

The IPSM-1 C40M version comes with a microphone input for hands-free intercom and can be controlled and monitored through your web browser interface which makes managing the most complex environments even simpler.

Main Features

  • Support PoE+ and/or connect to 24VDC power adapter (if PoE+ is not available)
  • Standard RJ45 interface, PCB control and Class-D amp board
  • Cost effective and simple installation with single cable deployment
  • Easily congured, controlled, managed and monitored via web browser
  • Full DSP system with superior audio quality
  • Microphone input built-in for hands-free duplex intercom (IPSM-1 C40M)
  • IP based for music streaming, routing, paging and control over LAN/WAN
  • Paging with priority management, event management and general fault reports
  • 3rd party control integration with TERRACOM system and IP-PBX via SIP protocol
  • Support to connect to TERRACOM system for I/O expansion
  • Support audio codec G.711, G.722, WAV and MP3
  • 3 control inputs, 1 contact output , clock module interface and USB interface (function reserved)

Download the data sheet here.