Cisco Meraki MX64W License and Support

Cisco Meraki MX64W License and Support



Enterprise 1 Year, Enterprise 3 Years, Enterprise 5 Years, Enterprise 7 Years, Enterprise 10 Years, Advanced Security 1 Year, Advanced Security 3 Years, Advanced Security 5 Years, Advanced Security 7 Years, Advanced Security 10 Years

The Cisco Meraki MX64 requires either an Enterprise or Advanced Security license to activate it. This provides access into the cloud management portal and allows the MX64 to be added to a Dashboard for configuration and management.

The licenses are available in 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 year terms. They can be applied to new devices or existing devices .

The Advanced Security license provides the following additional features:

  • Content filtering (Webroot BrightCloud CIPA compliant URL database)
  • Web search filtering (including Google / Bing SafeSearch)
  • YouTube for Schools
  • Intrusion-prevention sensor (Sourcefire SNORT® based)
  • Anti-virus engine and anti-phishing filtering (Kaspersky SafeStream II engine)
  • Geography based firewall rules (MaxMind Geo-IP database)