TAP it

TAP it


TAP it (Touchable Accessible Platform Interactive Technology) is an interactive learning station designed to provide accessibility to all students. It has a 42″ touch-sensitive LCD panel which can be tilted from 0 to 90 degrees. The screen can be raised to a height of 1420mm or can be lowered to within 190 mm from the floor at the touch of a button. TAP it can be rolled on castors which are lockable.

  • Recognise the difference between an arm resting upon the screen and a finger or assistive device intentionally tapping an image
  • It provides an optimal interface for teaching students with special needs at their own pace
  • TAP it reinforces skills that can be transferred to other computer-based learning applications utilising the Internet, educational software or communication devices.
Motorised adjustments

With the touch of a button, the TAP it platform can move up or down and the 42″ interactive LCD panel can be tilted from 0 – 90 degrees. These adjustments make TAPit infinitely more accessible to physically challenged students and their instructors than stationary wall-mounted boards.

Independently tested for durability
  • The commercial grade LCD panel is made of shatter-resistant safety glass. It is impervious to dust, grit, grime or other contaminants
  • Re-purposed exclusively for TAP it, the screen technology is used by the military and resists marks and scratches
  • The field-tested platform is counter-balanced, so even if a student leans their full body weight against it, TAPit will not tip
  •  Tap it can be wheeled to the desired location such as,from the classroom to therapy settings. It has commercial grade locking casters
  • Accessible to students with physical or learning disabilities
  • TAPit is within reach for students using wheelchairs, walkers or other mobility devices, providing full access to the screen with easy adjustments that adapt to individualised needs
Fine Motor Delays
  • The screen can be operated by using a finger, assistive device, or reach stick
  • Larger icons help users select the correct target to make their choices. This helps to accommodate their lack of precision and accuracy in directing the mouse pointer, also aiding with involuntary arm movements
  • The work area is designed to ensure that the majority of users are able to reach the entire surface
Visually Challenged
  • The TAP it platform works with any software on your computer allowing teachers and therapists to resize text and graphics, adjust brightness or contrast controls, and enlarge images or change background colours within seconds
  • The low-glare, matte finish display is shadow-free, providing optimal viewing for users with low vision
Hearing Impaired
  • Finger touch input keeps hands free of pen tools that interfere with signing
  • Interactive media keeps users engaged. They can read from the board and sign at the same time, increasing opportunities for communication
Developmental Delays
  • The TAP it platform offers ongoing visual reinforcement to complement lessons and improve functional capabilities. While their eye movement increases, users with ASD, ADD, etc, can track content with greater ease. The physical interaction and visual stimulus offers an additional sensory channel to help process information.

TAP it is available under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.