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Product Spotlight: APC Netshelter CX

Let us paint a typical picture: An office refurbishment puts noisy switches and servers right in the middle of the office with no possibility of building a room to cool the equipment and isolate the noise. What can be done to quieten the noise to make life bearable for the staff that have to work near this equipment, yet provide adequate cooling to it?

APC by Schneider Electric have a purpose built network cabinet called the NetShelter CX – a Server Room in a Box.

The NetShelter CX is available in 38U, 24U, 18U and 12U.

NetShelter 38U in grey & beech

NetShelter 24U in white

NetShelter CX 18U in dark grey


NetShelter Mini (12U) in white

Equipment depths are as follows:
NetShelter CX Mini has an available depth of 700mm in standard format. With the optional accessory 12U Rack Kit (AR4000MV12U) installed the depth is 600mm
All other NetShelter CX2 models (AR40xxA, AR40xxIA) have adjustable front and rear posts. Rack depth is 800mm adjustable down to 120mm
All other NetShelter CX models (AR40xx, AR40xxI) have adjustable front rack posts. Rack depth is 800mm adjustable down to 700mm
Also available is a 24U 750mm wide and 1130mm deep

NetShelter CX utilises powerful fans to channel existing room air conditioning through the enclosure and also provides around an 18dB reduction in noise turning a standard network switch from intolerable for any length of time to virtually inaudible above the general background noise of an office.

Power dissipation ratings are as follows:
NetShelter CX Mini 12U = 0.8kW
NetShelter CX 18U = 1.2kW (2.4kW with fan booster kit)
NetShelter CX 24U = 2.4kW (3.5kW with fan booster kit)
NetShelter CX 38U = 3.6kW (5kW with fan booster kit)

If you have an existing setup that is making life unpleasant for the staff that have to work near it or you have a proposed setup that will end up with a noisy rack in the middle of the floor then this may be the solution. Contact us to discuss your options.

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Which one that the the best to used ?

Which one you use will be determined by how much equipment you need to put in it or by how much heat it generates.

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