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Yeastar S-Series IP-PBX

Yeastar S-Series IP-PBX is Yeastar’s entry level offering in the IP-PBX market. The S-Series has been designed to be easy to install, simple to manage and built to perform. Installation is streamlined with auto-configuration, auto detect and plug and play capabilities.

S-Series models provide either 20 or 50 extensions. Both are of a modular design that come fully licensed out of the box and are SIP native for both lines and extensions.

If legacy analogue or digital lines or analogue extensions are required then additional modules can be installed. SIM cards can also be accommodated to allow calls to be made and received over the mobile network.

The Linkus mobile client is available for Apple iOS and Android to allow you mobile to function as an extension on the phone system.

The Yeastar S-Series IP-PBX offers all the features you would expect in a modern phone system along with a couple that you wouldn’t expect – hot standby, a comprehensive hotel/motel package and a billing application for business who on-bill their time to clients.

Both models support hot standby for critical installations. Two S-Series are installed together and linked. One performs the day to day processing but if it fails then the hot standby takes over. The phones and SIP trunk(s) will re-register and the users may not notice anything has happened. Any legacy connections will have to be manually swapped.

Self provisioning of the phones goes one step further with support of common brands such as Yealink, Snom, Cisco, Grandstream, Polycom and Fanvil. Other brands such as Gigaset cordless can be manually provisioned in seconds.

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Listed below are the capacities of each model and with the newer Yeastar P-Series you now have an upgrade path to 10000 extensions on Software Edition or Cloud Edition or would prefer to have your telephony in a server-based environment.

S20 S50
Hardware Specifications
Size(L x W x H)(mm) 160 x 160 x 30 340 x 210 x 44
Weight 0.3 KG 1.48 KG
Power supply DC 12V 1A AC 100-240V 50/60HZ 0.6 A max
Power Consumption 1.8-10.6 W 2.1-18.5 W
Analogue extension Max. 4 Max. 8
BRI channels Max. 4 Max. 8
GSM/UMTS Max. 1 Max. 4
PRI circuits 0 0
Console Port 0 0
TF Card (Up to 256 GB) 1 0
SD Card (Up to 256 GB) 0 1
USB 2.0 (Up to 2TB) 0 0
Hard Disk (Up to 2TB) 0 0
WAN 1 (10/100Mbps) 1 (10/100/1000 Mbps)
LAN 1 (10/100Mbps) 1 (10/100/1000 Mbps)
Users 20 50
Extension Group 10 10
Extension digit length 2-7 2-7
Concurrent Calls 10 25
Auto Recording 10 25
Trunks 20 50
Outbound Routes 32 64
Inbound Routes 64 128
Time Condition 10 10
Holiday 10 10
Voicemail 5000 min(expandable) 5000 min(expandable)
Auto attendant 32 32
Ring Group 16 16
Members per Ring Group 20 25
Call queue 16 16
Members per Call queue 20 25
Conference Room 16 16
Max. Members per Conf. Room 10 25
Pickup Group 10 25
Members per Pickup Group Unlimited Unlimited
Speed Dial Number 512 512
Call back 128 128
DISA 16 16
Blacklist 128 128
Members per blacklist 50 50
Whitelist 128 128
Members per whitelist 50 50
PIN list 16 16
PIN Numbers per PIN list 20 50
Paging Group 16 16
Members per Paging Group 10 25
MOH Playlist 16 16
Files per MOH Playlist 8 8
Custom Prompts 32 32
Notification Contacts 4 4
User Permission 20 50
Firewall Rules 512 512
Firewall Blacklist 2000 2000
Certificates 8 8
Database Grant 8 8
Contacts per LDAP List 1000 1000
Backup and Restore 8 8
IAX2 yes yes
T.38 yes yes
SRTP yes yes
Network Drive 2 2
Hot standby yes yes
VPN Server Max Clients 20 50
VPN Server Max Online Simultaneously 20 50


For any enquiries on the Yeastar S-Series PBX, please contact us.

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