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Phone System

The telephone is still the lifeline of businesses and to present a professional image visually every business needs some sort of phone system.

One size most certainly does not fit all so before we suggest anything we need to know how you operate so we can draw on our range of products, services and experience with other customers to come up with a cost-effective solution including the accessories such as button modules and headsets for the efficiency and comfort of your staff and Music-on-Hold to keep customers on the line when the person they want is not immediately available.

There is always a question of a hosted phone system versus an on-premise phone system and we agree that hosted phone systems do have their place – usually in an environment such as a number of small retail shops with 2 to 5 phones per site and depending on the bandwidth available at the site. An alternative that we have had some success with is a private hosted system. The system is located in a data centre and has a group of lines that are shared across all the sites and the 2-5 phones per site simply hang off the central system. This provides economies of scale since multiple small groups of lines to individual sites are inefficient.

At their simplest level, phone systems all provide dial tone and switch calls but they do come in many capacities with various capabilities so the solution we provide has to match your requirements and provide some capacity for growth.

In addition to physical desk phones, soft phones may be more suitable on a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone. These can ring in parallel with your desk phone or can be your only phone.

Our preferred platform for new installations is the Yeastar P-Series – either on premise or hosted. We still maintain a fleet of Avaya IP Office systems and although this is still a current model, we feel it is uncompetitive in terms of features and price with Avaya mostly pushing people towards their hosted platform in conjunction with RingCentral. We are migrating a number of customers off them to Yeastar.

Most of the traditional PBX vendors are now out of the market; Samsung and Panasonic existing in recent years and NEC announcing their exit of the on-premise market to concentrate on their hosted offering.

If you are in need of assistance with your Avaya or Yeastar (or Panasonic) then we are able to assist. Contact us for more details.

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