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Xima Chronicall

Xima Chronicall is  an all-purpose custom call reporting, call recording and real-time display software suite.

There are over 50 Standard Reports, charts and graphs ready for you to report on your data. If you need to generate a specific report that is not available in the standard reports then custom reports can be created.

Recording Library automatically catalogues recorded calls and makes them ready to listen to and they can be integrated into Cradle to Grave reporting to provide all the information required to evaluate an employee’s performance.

Chronicall Realtime allows you to effectively manage your agents in Realtime. With Chronicall Realtime you are given three supervisor displays: Agent Timeline, Group Timeline and Realtime Stats, also known as wallboards. This is true real-time; there is no five-second refresh rate.

Xima Chronicall’s Agent Dashboards module is all about the agents. The application is a unique set of features that allow for greater data management, a better customer expierence, and increases agent performance

Xima Software recently made a significant upgrade to Chronicall by adding the following features:

Skills-based Routing enables you to group your agents by their skin levels in multiple areas then have calls distributed to the agent best qualified to answer the enquiry. Calls can be routed to the most idea agent, linear or circular call distribution or by the Intelligent Highest Skill First algorithm.

Active State Controls provide supervisors with the ability to control agents’ state from their own PC via Chronicall. This enables the supervisor to log agents in and out of particular skill groups, place agents in a Not Ready state and manage queued calls. Agents are able to log in and out of their respective skill groups, place themselves in a Not Ready state or extend their After Call Work time before being presented with a new call.

Queued Call Back means that customers no longer have to wait in queue. Queue Call Back save the callers place in queue without them actually having to wait in queue. When their time is up Chronicall places a call to them giving them the option to be connected to an operator or to cancel the call.

Customised Queue  Music enables custom messages to be played for customers if they choose to wait simply by adding the file to Chronicall’s directory. There is no limit to the number of in-queue music options or announcements.

Chronicall can work on IP500 v1, IP500v2 with Preferred Edition or Server Edition. One 3rd party SIP endpoint license is required for every 5 simultaneous calls into the Chronicall server. A CTI Link Pro license is required for R10 and above.

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