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one-X Portal: The case of the misbehaving Avaya

One of our real estate customers complained that their Avaya IP Office had started rebooting on a weekly basis and it was getting more and more frequent.

No changes had been made to the system since a new application server was installed several months ago. This had been done because they were moving all their data off a local server into the cloud and the current Application Server was a Virtual Machine that server which was going to be shut down. Apparently the Avaya Application Server was the last service running on it. Although well licensed, they are really only using one-X Portal for screen pops – not even using VM Pro.

In troubleshooting I was most surprised to see the old Application Server was still active although it was supposed to have been removed some time previous and in fact their IT people had somebody on site recently to troubleshoot their Internet connection but he didn’t make the discovery.

That would probably explain the TLS errors I could see which probably built up and caused the system to reboot periodically.

The system is running Release 10.1 SP7 which does seem to have a bug with TLS errors causing a reboot. That bug was fixed in SP8 so that will be the next step if shutting down the old Application Server does not fix the problem.

UPDATE: Since shutting down the old Application Server there have been no more issues with reboots although there have been a couple of SIP trunk dropouts because registration requests are not being received by the carrier. Since it’s a TC4 NBN circuit, this is to be expected occasionally. The IP Office does not like having two one-X Portal services visible on the same network. Another case where assumptions can lead you astray as to the real cause of the issue.

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