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New Product: Teltonika TCR100


We use a lot of Teltonika TRB140’s connected to Ubiquiti gateways to provide 4G backup to our customers. For smaller installations such as a retail store having a separate gateway, NBN modem, 4G backup and Wi-Fi access point is overkill. Teltonika has introduced their first consumer router, the TCR100 which is just perfect for the small commercial installation as well. The Teltonika TCR100 router offers an option to use 4G cellular connectivity without compromising your speed. It’s the perfect choice if a wired connection is not possible in your specific location but it also has WAN and LAN ports or dual LAN if you want.

Running on 4G alone, the two Ethernet ports on the TCR100 router could accommodate an IP phone with PC and an NVR (Network Video Recorder) that stores the video feed from connected IP cameras. Additional network ports can be provided from a separate switch Other devices like EFTPOS and tablets can wirelessly connect to the network. Unlike standard low-end all-in-one routers, which usually support up to 15 devices, the TCR100 router supports over 50 thanks to the powerful hardware that has been used.

The TCR100 is made for commercial or home use and is easy to set up right out of the box. The user-friendly WebUI provides all the necessary customisation options, enabling you to turn on guest WiFi, and also has a pre-configured firewall that ensures the basic safety of your home network. On top of that, the TCR100 receives regular firmware updates that periodically eliminate vulnerabilities and bring new functionality.

  • 4G CAT6 technology and dual-band WiFi (802.11ac) offer excellent wireless performance for all connected devices, even in remote locations.
  • Multiple VPN options including OpenVPN
  • RutOS is beginner friendly while advanced users can change configuration options, functions and supported protocols for home network customisation.
  • The TCR100 is quick and easy to set up, even for those unfamiliar with connecting a home router.
  • The firmware is often updated to increase security and bring new features.
  • The ability to be remotely managed.
  • Broad range of power options from 9 to 30 Volts DC
  • Extended temperature range of -40º to +75º C

For networking solutions contact us for assistance. ICS Technologies is located in Brisbane, Australia with contractors across the country.

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