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New product range: Brateck Cable Management


Brateck cable management products can help to keep ever increasing numbers of cables tidy. Multiple monitors and other peripherals all add to cable clutter so anything that helps keep them tidy is welcome.

One of our suppliers now carries Brateck cable management products along with other Brateck items such as mounts for monitors, large format displays and projectors.

Cable Management Box – designed to enclose power boards, plug packs and cables

CMBT-0303PLM06Small – 23.5cm long by 11.5cm wide x 12cm highCMBT-0303PLM07Medium – 32cm long by 13.2cm wide by 12.7cm highCMBT-0303PLM08Large – 40.6cm long by 15.6cm wide by 13.4cm high


Magnetic Cable Management Channel and Under Desk Cable Tray

CMBT-CC11-5Vertical or horizontal mount with magnetic tape included

Available in black or white – 35.7cm long by 5cm high by 32cm deep


Vertical or horizontal mounting by screws

Available in black or white – 60cm long by 11.4cm high by 7.6cm deep


Under Desk Cable Tray


Available in black or white – 59cm long by 7.4cm high by 13.1cm deep

MABT-CC11-4Available in black or white – 60cm long by 10.8cm high by 13.5cm deep


Cable cover


Available in black or white

Available in 25cm or 75cm lengths x 6cm wide by 2cm high


Join multiple lengths of cable cover with these joiners – black or white



Right-angled cable cover joiner – black or white



Cable spine and cable sock

CMBT-CC10-1Black or white 130cm long by 6.7cm wide by 3.5cm high

Add or subtract links as required


Polyester sock in black or white – 100cm long and available in 2cm, 3cm and 4cm diameters


Cable wrap sleeve and spiral wrap

CMBT-VS-xxHook and loop fastener sleeve. Available in black or white 100cm long and either 8.5cm or 13.5cm wideCMBT-HC-xx

Black spiral wrap 100cm long and 1.5cm, 2cm, 2.5cm or 3cm diameter


Brateck cable management products and mounts are available from ICS Technologies. Contact us via the website or call on 1300799115.




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