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New product: LG One: Quick collaboration panels


LG has recently introduced the LG One: Quick collaboration panels.

Offered in 43 inch (Quick Flex) and 55 inch (Quick Works) models, the LG One: Quick collaboration panels offer an all-in-one video conferencing solution with an embedded Windows 10 PC, 2K resolution camera on Quick Flex or 4K resolution camera on Quick Works, microphone, speaker and digital whiteboard and signage capabilities.

Quick Flex has a 2 microphone array with a 3 metre pickup range while Quick Works offers a 10 microphone beamforming array allowing the 4K resolution camera automatically to track and focuse on the individual speaker. The Quick Works microphone array can capture voices clearly up to approximately 6 metres away which covers most medium-sized conference rooms.

LG One: Quick collaboration panels Remote Meeting app works seamlessly with Quick Works for users to share documents in various formats, perform real-time interactive drawings and detect who’s speaking on the other end automatically. Various other apps are available in the App Store.

Equipped with In-cell touch, One:Quick Works turns ideas into reality. It can send files such as notes, writings, drawings and images created in meetings via email with the included touch pen provided. Dedicated apps are required for making notes and drawings (MS Whiteboard app ready)

Rather than keeping separate meeting minutes, simply record the meeting and share files with participants via email. Voice Recording may not be allowed when using the video conferencing app.

For sharing files and organising ideas simultaneously with members in the meeting room the screen can be split.

Utilising a standard VESA mount, LG One: Quick collaboration panels can be wall mounted. A desk stand is also available or maybe mount on a trolley to allow use across multiple rooms. Quick Flex can be use din landscape or portrait orientations

A physical door provides privacy on the camera.

The spec sheet for the 43″ Quick Flex model is here

The spec sheet for the 55″ Quick Works model is here.

To enquire about the LG One: Quick collaboration panels, please call on 1300 799 115 or contact us through the enquiry form.

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