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New Product: Fanvil i6 series intercom panels


Fanvil has announced the new i6 series of outdoor intercom panels. The Fanvil i6 series is designed especially for apartments, commercial buildings, communities, and industrial parks. Using standard protocols means wide compatibility with major platforms and makes it easier to link with other security devices.

Flagship of the range is the i64 equipped with a blue backlit keypad ensuring clear visibility in a dark environment.

All four models offer waterproof and dustproof IP66 environmental rating along with anti-vandalism IK07 rating and a wide temperature range from -40℃ to 70℃. Fanvil i6 series is more durable for outdoor scenarios. If someone damages the device deliberately, the built-in anti-tamper will alarm and alert to control center at the same time.

i61 is the entry model offering a compact form factor and a touch call button – 159mm high x 88mm wide x 36mm deep.

Fanvil-i61i62 offers a larger form factor and a physical call button – 177mm high x 88mm wide x 36mm deep.

Fanvil-i62i63 is designed for small scale apartment buildings with five call buttons – 177mm high x 88mm wide x 36mm deep.

Fanvil-i63i64 has a standard 12 button keypad with 4 function keys – 177mm high x 88mm wide x 36mm deep.

Fanvil-i64All Fanvil i6 series intercoms offer a body sensor that senses a person standing in front of the panel and light up the screen automatically. Along with other Fanvil intercom panels the i6 series offers multiple access methods to suit individual preferences, including local PIN codes, RFID/IC cards, an indoor button, timed open door and remote DTMF from a called number. Compatible mobile phone applications allow users to open the door remotely.

Fanvil i6 series offers users the ability to connect other security devices with rich input and output interfaces, so it can be integrated into various solutions to reduce costs for installation and maintenance.

Featuring a premium 2 Megapixel camera with the latest infrared technology,  Fanvil i6 series intercoms allow long distance night vision for monitoring the surroundings. When combined with an indoor panel the speed dial button allows simple connection with the intercom panel.

Lastly, Fanvil i6 series intercoms allow an induction loop antenna to be connected to improve audio for hearing aid users.

Contact us via the web page or call us on 1300799115 to discuss the new Fanvil i6 series intercom panels.

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