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New product: CyberPower UT Energy Saving UPS


Offering an energy saving of up to 93% compared with older generation UPS’s the CyberPower UT series is a line-interactive UPS with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to offer stabilised AC power output designed for  home and office applications. The patented GreenPower UPS™ Bypass design achieves ultra-low power consumption to reduce energy costs. The LED indicator shows the utility, battery and operating status of the UPS. Other features include overload protection, EMI filter and configurable alarm to safeguard your devices.

The CyberPower UT series UPS adopts CyberPower’s patented GreenPower UPS™ technology to enhance UPS operating efficiency, reduce heat generation, consume less power and reduce energy costs compared with conventional UPS models.

The CyberPower UT series UPS features three battery backed and surge protected outlets along with Gigabit Ethernet capable data line protection – perfect to place between your NBN ‘modem’ and your own equipment.

Two models are available – 650VA/350 Watt and 850VA/425 Watt. Running time on battery is up to about 30 mins with a small PC. Approximately half load will give a few minutes running time – enough to cover the little drop outs that occur in storms. The 850VA model supports PowerPanel Personal software allowing the UPS to shut down a connected computer via USB when the battery capacity drops below a certain level.

Both models support a wide input voltage range (165 Volts to 290 Volts) with a nominal output voltage of 230 Volts +/- 10%

The CyberPower UT series UPS is also compatible with generators

For all your UPS needs – new, refurbished and replacement battery packs, please contact us.

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