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New Product: cnMatrix switches

To compliment their range of high-performance, cloud-managed wireless access points, Cambium Networks have introduced a range of cnMatrix network switches.

Currently available in 8-port and 24-port versions with and without PoE+.

Outstanding Performance Made Simple:
  • Policy Based Automation: Ability to profile devices and automatically configure the switch providing a zero-touch experience even when deploying, disconnecting or moving network devices
    Benefit: Save time, and reduce costs with a true Zero Touch initial deployment
  • Auto Device Segmentation: Automatically profiles and places devices into the appropriate network segment. This provides a secure environment for critical network resources. For example, devices in the building infrastructure network will not have access to the corporate finance network
    Benefit: Reduce network misconfiguration mistakes by eliminating error prone manual configuration
  • Auto Policy Wipe: Improves security by automatically removing all associated dynamic configuration when a device disconnects
    Benefit: Dramatically enhance security with automatic segmentation of device
  • Wireless Aware: Enables policy automation, easy monitoring, and troubleshooting of the unified wired /wireless network
    Benefit: Reduce troubleshooting time with central management and common policies across the network
  • Site Survivability: Uninterrupted operation even when connectivity to the cloud is lost
    Benefit: Site survivable operation during cloud failures when connectivity is lost
  • Cloud Management is affordable: The free cnMaestro system is flexible with both cloud and on-premise deployment option
    Benefit: Reduce total cost with affordable cnMatrix switches managed by the cnMaestro FREE controller
cnMaestro Cloud Management offers the following benefits:
  • Flexible deployment: Cloud-Based or On-Premise
  • Unified wired/wireless policy
  • Zero-Touch provisioning with object-based configuration
  • Detailed analytics with historical monitoring
  • Simplified onboarding, registration and software updates
  • Disruptive TCO
Intelligent Edge Devices offer the the following benefits:
  • Site survivable operation
  • Device profiling
  • Easy onboarding
  • Smart network segmentation
  • Security at the edge
  • Intelligent power management
  • Unified Wired/Wireless integration

If you are interesting in learning more about Cambium products and and how they would work in your network, please contact us.

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