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New product: Cambium XV2-2T0 Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Access Point


The Cambium XV2-2T0 outdoor Wi-Fi 6 access point brings unparalleled flexibility and performance for outdoor Wi-Fi networks. Network architects will immediately appreciate the high-efficiency and high-gain antenna optimized for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The XV2-2T0 includes a 2.5 Gb Ethernet uplink port to deliver the greater speed and capacity of Wi-Fi 6.

Cambium XV2-2T0 Capabilities At-a-Glance
  • Dual band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios, 2×2 streams
  • 802.11ax MU-MIMO, MU-OFDMA, TWT
  • Typical range of 1km
  • Up to 9dBi antenna gain with an average of 7dBi gain over 360 degrees on 5GHz
  • 1 x 2.5 GbE and 1 x GbE RJ45 interfaces
  • Up to 30 Watts PoE out on GE2 port
  • Integrated BLE 4.1
  • 802.3bt or 802.3at PoE Powered Device
    • Use 802.3at PoE source for the AP if not using PoE out (up to 30 Watts)
    • Use 802.3bt PoE source if the AP and PoE out is used (up to 60 Watts)
  • IP67-rated enclosure with ambient temperature spec of -40°C to 65°C
  • LTE band filter for maximum outdoor 2.4 GHz range
High-Efficiency Antenna Design

The Cambium XV2-2T0 uses an omni-direction, high gain antenna designed to deliver consistent RF gain in all directions, 360 degrees around the AP. The high average gain delivers higher upstream RF link budget for better client connections at greater distances than previous generation 802.11ac outdoor Wi-Fi access points. 120 degree sector coverage is also available.

Flexible Deployments

Everything you need is included in the box. Easily mount the Cambium XV2-2T0 to a pole or directly to the side of a building. The box includes a dual purpose mounting bracket, pole clamps, cable glands, and wall anchors. Additionally, the XV2-2T0 GE2 port provides up to 30 watts of PoE power for an external Ethernet device when provided with the appropriate power source. Connect a Cambium Networks PMP subscriber module, a 60 GHz v1000 CN, an IP security camera, or even another access point.

Powerful Management Options

Adopt and manage the Cambium XV2-2T0 from cnMaestro™ cloud, cnMaestro on-premises, cnMaestro X, or XMS-Cloud management. The XV2-2T0 is not locked into one management option; easily move the access point from one management to the other. When paired with a cnMatrix™ Ethernet switch, the XV2-2T0 benefits from policy-based automation that simplifies and secures device configuration.

Wi-Fi 6 Technology Based on the IEEE 802.11ax Standard

The key value of 802.11ax is efficient use of RF spectrum. It does this by bringing MU-OFDMA from the cellular world into Wi-Fi. 802.11ax is a deterministic network where the access point is now in charge of assigning transmit resource units, time to transmit, and when to sleep, to all the clients in the network. Spatial reuse is another efficiency protocol designed to increase capacity even for low-powered mobile handset devices. Support for TWT (target wait time) increases battery life which is ideal for IOT sharing the same network. Preamble boost, longer symbols, and dynamic guard interval provide extended range and link stability for outdoor Wi-Fi applications.


The XV2-2T0 includes a hardware warranty of 3 years following the date of sale for the product model. Extended hardware warranty support is available in 1-year and 2-year increments, extending hardware warranty support is 5 years.

Datasheet can be downloaded from here.

If you want to know more then please contact us through the website or call us on 1300799115.

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