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New product: Cambium TX2028RF-P Ethernet switch


Cambium Networks is pleased to announce the availability of the TX 2028RF-P switch – part of the TX 2K Tower Switch family specifically designed for WISP networks that builds on top of Cambiums’ existing cloud-managed intelligent edge architecture. The Cambium TX2028RF-P switch combines intelligent Power over Ethernet (PoE), dual redundant GPS synchronization sources, a full suite of enterprise grade Layer 2/3 features and flexible power options with an AC/DC removable power supply. The Cambium TX2028RF-P also comes with 8 1Gbps SFP fiber ports. The TX switches are fully managed and are supported in cnMaestro to provide an end-to-end view of the wired-wireless network.

The cnMatrix™ TX Series provides the following functionality (easily accessible via the front panel):

  • Cambium (GPS) sync (for timing synchronization across Cambium radios)
    • Redundant input sync sources
      • Internal GPS module with external antenna
      • Cambium cnPulse sync generator
  • Comprehensive intelligent PoE solution
    • Standards-based active PoE: 802.3af, 802.3at, 802.3bt (up to 90W)
    • 24V Passive PoE (up to 15W)
    • 54V Passive PoE (up to 90W)
    • Flexible per port control with statistics
  • Removable Power supplies
    • AC Supplies: 600W, 930W, & 1200W options
    • DC Supplies: 600W, 930W, & 1200W options
      • Wide voltage input range: 36V–72V DC input
      • Fully Isolated—accepts negative and positive DC input, for example -48V

The TX series includes the full range of capabilities of the cnMatrix platform of switches:

  • Full-line rate, non-blocking architecture
  • Easy and simple, free cloud (or on premise) management with cnMaestro™ or XMS*
  • Zero Touch Provisioning
  • Policy Based Automation eliminates manual and time-consuming configuration
  • Enhanced Security with automated device profiling and segmentation
Simplified Operations
  • Cloud Management ‒ Provide a common dashboard to configure and monitor a distributed network of switches
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning ‒ Enable easy deployment and initial configuration that reduces cost of network rollout
  • Policy-Based Automation ‒ Reduce network engineering time and eliminate error-prone manual configuration by automatically configuring the switch port based on the type of device connecting to the port
Improved Performance & Security
  • Policy-Based Automation ‒ Automatic device profiling, network segmentation, device specific policy enforcement, and auto policy cleanup:
    • Automated Device Profiling – Automatically detect type of devices that connect to the switch
    • Automated Segmentation – Assign devices to the correct network segment
    • Automated Policy Enforcement – Configure the switch port based on pre-defined device specific policy
    • Auto Configuration Clean Up and Maintenance – Delete port configuration when a device is disconnected
  •  Increased PoE power using 802.3af/at/bt with 4-PPOE ports capable of delivering up to 90W per port for PTP and PMP radios, Wi-Fi APs, and video surveillance cameras
Disruptive TCO
  • Lower CAPEX: Layer 2/Layer 3 Enterprise grade switching with flexible & intelligent PoE and Cambium synchronization all in a single solution
  • Lower OPEX: Automation that improves staff efficiency, eliminates manual configuration errors, reduces the impact and time associated with security breaches by segmenting the networks into discrete security domains

Data sheet can be downloaded here

If you are interested in these new Cambium TX2028RF-P switches please contact us through the website or call 1300799115.

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