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New product: Cambium e510 Wave 2 outdoor access point

Cambium have added an extra model to their range of outdoor access points, the e510. The e510 is similar to the e500 but with several key differences;

  • 802.11ac wave 2 supporting MU-MIMO. MU-MIMO can increase the network throughput up to 2x depending on the client types connected. 
  • 9dBi gain antenna on the 5GHz radio. The extra gain improves rate-at-range performance. 
  • rail certified for Shock & Vibration. Use the e510 for mobile WiFi like industrial vehicles, forklift, passenger transport, metro and rail systems. 
  • improved ESD protection and improved LTE Filtering to increase immunity to interference and surge. 
  • operating temperature extends from -40c to 65c, and wind resistance up to category 5. 

Below is a comparison of the e500 and new e510

e500 e510


Below is a comparison of all models in the outdoor range

Outdoor AP

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