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New product: BrightSign XD5 digital signage player


BrightSign has officially announced the XD5 product line overnight.

Below is the Product Availability Table as it stands today. 
Key points to note:

1. HD4/LS4 is in stock for immediate supply.

2. XD4/XT244 will be transitioned to XD5.  This transition is occurring now. Please place your orders for the XD4/XT244 models as soon as possible for Jan 2023 delivery. Both models are out of stock currently. XD5 has enhanced HTML performance than that of the XD4/XT4.

3. The upcoming XC5 is a multi-HDMI out player with true 8K capability.

4. XT1144 will have a fixed number in production. Please place your orders the sooner, the better.

BrightSign has advised the cut-off date for any new XD4 and XT244 orders as being this week – ending 19th of August 2022. If you need extra XD4 and XT244, please place your orders now and they will be supplied as stocks arrive. .

Please note there is a small quantity of XT1144 in stock. If you specifically need this model, please place your order as soon as possible.

Contact us via the contact form or 1300 799 115 for more information.

Key benefits of the new BrightSign XD5 players – the XD235 and XD1035:

Enterprise+ HTML Performance

  • Dynamic memory allocation
  • Optimised motion graphics performance
  • Fast, smooth & responsive 4k content
  • Full OpenGL ES support

Enhanced 4K Video Engine

  • Hardware accelerated 4K rotation
  • Dynamic mosaic mode
  • 4K60p video
  • 4K images

Perfected Industrial Design

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE+)
  • Thinner footprint
  • Simplified Wi-Fi and SSD installation
  • Patented aluminum enclosure to dissipate heat

BrightSign OS

  • Purpose-built for connected digital signage
  • Delivers high reliability & security
  • Unlocks features for full signage potential
  • Guaranteed updates & longevity


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