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New Product: Algo IP Display Speakers

Algo-8410-IP Display Speaker

The Algo IP Display Speakers are the first in the line of IP Displays. Made to combine audible and visual alerting in a single and effective mass communication tool, Algo IP Display Speakers comprise three core components – an LCD display screen, wideband speakers, and high-visibility strobe lights.

The IP Display Speakers come in two models: the 8410 IP Display Speaker, a single-sided display, suitable for classrooms and offices; and the 8420 IP Dual-Sided Display Speaker, a two-sided display, suitable for hallways, corridors, or large open spaces to be seen from either direction. The IP Display Speakers are informative tools that easily merge into most leading emergency communication systems for paging, alerting, and emergency notifications.

An often-overlooked consideration is how IP endpoints can serve multiple purposes beyond emergency communication. In the case of Algo’s IP Display Speakers, a vast amount of information for any situation can be shared through both visual and audible means. Algo display speakers are an ideal choice for schools or universities looking to deploy an endpoint for simple, effective everyday use as they provide a means of delivering key messages in ways that can be either subtle or flashy.

As an all-around communication device, Algo IP Display Speakers remove the need for additional infrastructure. In many educational facilities, each classroom is equipped with speakers, screens, and strobe lights all installed as separate devices and each requiring its own wire for connectivity. A single 8410 can easily replace such devices along with any additional wiring or infrastructure.

More impressively, the 8410 can also replace the need for a physical clock and calendar. With unlimited options for visual displays, in a classroom, the 8410 can be configured to show the date and time. Whether such a display is large and used for education purposes, or subtle and tucked away in the corner of the screen can be chosen based on the educational requirements of each classroom. The clock displayed by the 8410 is synced to Network Time Protocol and can be displayed as either digital or analogue.

For everyday use, Algo IP Display Speakers have a myriad of features that can share information or be used as teaching tools. Students can easily be reminded of after-school activities or events, such as club night or a sports game.

With the combination of the LCD screen, speakers, and strobe lights, clear and immediate communication can be easily delivered to any audience and in any environment. Algo’s IP Display Speakers are a strong addition to any emergency communication system allowing schools and businesses to share a variety of information easily no matter the event.

Some more commonly used emergency alerts include:

  • Building lockdown
  • Severe weather warning
  • Medical emergency
  • Building evacuation

algo-8410-emergency-screenVisual alerts often provide additional context and ensure the correct information is conveyed. With visual communication, you can relay detailed information to specific parts of the building. Additional information, such as details on how to proceed and where to go can be shared.

It’s often challenging to hear and remember audio messages that are blasted across the entire school. Providing a visual aid allows students to see the alert and receive guidance while they follow the school’s emergency procedures. This provides additional security and reassurance in times of need. In addition, there is less risk of miscommunication.

There is no word if these will be available in Australia just yet but if there is a requirement we may be able to source them.

ICS Technologies is an Algo Authorised Integrator based in Brisbane, Australia. Contact us for you audible or visual alerting requirements.

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