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New product: Algo 8190S SIP speaker clock and visual alerter


Following a major program by Algo to get more devices certified for world markets, there are some new products that will be available very soon. One of these is the Algo 8190S SIP speaker, clock and visual alerter.

The 8190S SIP speaker, clock and visual alerter basically combines an 8180 alerter with an 8138 four-colour visual alerter and adds a high visibility clock. It is designed for the classroom and other commercial public address system applications.

The 8190S is a fully compliant 3rd party SIP endpoint. As a result, this device is compatible with most hosted / cloud and premise-based VoIP telephone systems.

  • Public address (PA) IP speaker.
  • Secure SIP using TLS and SRTP.
  • Multicast scalable.
  • Four-speaker line array.
  • Wideband HD voice for high intelligibility speech.
  • Dynamic volume control responsive to ambient noise levels.
  • Talkback capable speaker with integrated call button.
  • Customise WAV files for emergency notification / alerting and telephone loud ringing.
  • High visibility clock.
  • Four colour LEDs in amber, blue, green and red for enhanced situational awareness.
  • Configuration via user friendly web interface or auto-provisioning.
  • PoE + (IEEE 802.3at preferred). Can operate on PoE (
  • Ideal for a school or college classroom, in addition to a waiting area / room for hospitals, government offices and transport terminals (e.g., air, bus, rail), and workplace lunch or break room and cafeteria spaces.

Combine the 8190S with the Algo 8301 SIP Paging Adapter & Scheduler, a PA system requiring multiple zones with scheduled bells / announcements can be easily configured and synchronised with IP clocks using the 8190S and other Algo IP speakers.

If desired, the 8301 SIP Paging Adapter can also provide audio to a legacy analogue paging system via its line level output, and simultaneously multicast this audio to additional Algo IP endpoints.

The Algo 8190S SIP speaker, clock and visual alerter is available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia. Contact us if you would like to discuss how to implement them in your business. Our Algo customers include small mechanical workshops and industrial facilities, Brisbane City Council, Sydney Trains, Goodman Fielder, the Australian Antarctic Division and Bluescope Steel.

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