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New product: Algo 1128 analogue strobe light


Following a major program by Algo to get more devices certified for world markets, there are some new products that will be available very soon. One of these is the Algo 1128 analogue strobe light.

The Algo 1128 analogue strobe light is a visual alerting device in clear / white for telephone ringing where noise, noise sensitivity or hearing impairment are at issue.  This analogue strobe is also commonly used to visually alert for safety, security and emergency events. Apart from the analogue interface it is otherwise identical to the Algo 8128 SIP strobe light.

The 1128 activates via an analogue station / FXS port or ATA, in addition to activation by dry contact closure input or auxiliary input detection of 3-30V AC or DC so it can be triggered by the relay output of Algo IP devices.

  • Analogue strobe light for alert notification.
  • Long-life LEDs providing 360 x 180 degree visibility from a wall or ceiling mount location.
  • Zero light degradation for at least 34 years of continuous use.
  • 643 lumen rating and up to 198 candela luminous intensity.
  • 16 configurable flash patterns, each with three brightness levels to choose from to best suit application requirements.
  • Amber, blue and red lens accessories to distinguish unique events and enhance situational awareness.
  • Ideal for noisy workplace environments or where hearing protect is worn (e.g., manufacturing plant / factory, utility, warehouse, machine shop, garage, restaurant, kitchen) and noise sensitive areas (e.g., hospital maternity ward, court room, studio, library) .

Combine the Algo 1128 with other Algo devices such as the 8180 SIP audio alerter or slave it off the 8128 SIP strobe.

The Algo 1128 analogue strobe light is available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia. Contact us if you would like to discuss how to implement them in your business. Our Algo customers include small mechanical workshops and industrial facilities, Brisbane City Council, Sydney Trains, Goodman Fielder, the Australian Antarctic Division and Bluescope Steel.

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