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Virtually all businesses are reliant on their data network for day to day operation. This is usually a combination of wired and wireless access. With the rise in “Bring Your Own Devices”, a robust wireless network is a necessity rather than just an a “nice to have”. We offer enterprise-grade products from Cambium, Cisco Meraki and Xirrus.

Wireless cannot be used in isolation because it is shared spectrum so the more users are on it the slower it becomes for everybody. In high density arrangements there can be interference from other access points that further limit performance. Wireless is an adjunct to a good, wired data network. 

In the travels of our technicians, we are amazed at the old networking equipment still soldiering away in cupboards and racks, usually under a thick layer of dust, such as a remarkable number of 10-BaseT and 100-BaseT hubs although they are long obsolescent. Their performance (and power consumption) is now totally outclassed by even basic Fast Ethernet switches and they are probably best retired in favour of a new Gigabit switch.

There are many switches by many manufacturers, all of which have a number of different features and capabilities. In the quest to reduce power consumption one useful feature is the ability to be able to reduce the speed of designated ports at certain times. An IP phone will work if the port is throttled back to 10Mbps but power consumption is reduced. Across many ports this can add up to a marked saving over time in both electricity consumed and a reduction in cooling requirements. For security it may be worthwhile to turn off some ports completely after hours to shut down wireless access points or devices in public areas.

We offer a number of switches by different manufacturers such as D-Link, HP, Cisco and Avaya/Extreme to suit the requirements of the application.

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