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Microsoft Teams Integration: Yeastar P-Series IP PBX


If you want to use Microsoft Teams but also want the flexibility of a fully featured phone system then Microsoft Teams integration is possible with the Yeastar P-Series IP PBX.

By associating Teams users with SIP extensions in P-Series the Teams App will work as a softphone that is registered to the P-Series and you can achieve the following:

Make and receive calls directly from the Teams App

Keep your existing phone numbers, SIP phones and any other SIP devices such as intercoms and audible and visual alerters.

Enjoy advanced PBX features such as Auto Attendant, call queuing, call routing, call recording, voicemail transcription, etc.

You need the following from Microsoft:

Microsoft 365 versionRequirements
Microsoft 365 Business Basic

Any one of the followings is required:

  • “Common Area Phone” license
  • “Phone System” license
  • “Microsoft 365 Business Voice” add-on

Not all versions are available in all countries so buy what is available in your country or region

Microsoft 365 Business Standard
Microsoft 365 Business Premium
Office 365 E1
Office 365 E3
Microsoft 365 E3
Office 365 E5No additional requirements.
Microsoft 365 E5


You need the Yeastar for Microsoft Teams license – 1 per user

Once the licensing is in place there are some steps to go through both on the Microsoft side and in the P-Series. Start with the P-Series first because you need to have your SIP extensions set up first and you need the registration name and registration password for each one. Next, log into the Microsoft account, set up PBX service and synchronise it with the P-Series, associate a Microsoft Teams user with a SIP extension using the previously configured credentials. At this point, Teams users can make and receive internal calls from the P-Series extensions.

Two further steps are required:

  • To allow Teams users to make outbound calls through PBX’s trunk, a dial plan is required in Microsoft Teams
  • To allow Teams users to receive inbound calls through PBX’s trunk, an inbound route is required to reach the extensions that are associated with the Teams users.

One these two final steps are completed then Teams users are able to dial external numbers according to the dial pattern of the P-Series’ outbound route.

Contact us for Yeastar and Yealink products or if you want to add Microsoft Teams integration.

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