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Little known features of the Yeastar S-Series PBX – AutoCLIP

Out of the many advanced features in the Yeastar S-Series PBX is one that is little known but can be of great use – AutoCLIP.

AutoCLIP functions as a pseudo-DID by matching the incoming caller ID with a call that has been made from an extension and returning the call to the extension that made the call – even if the main number is dialled. If set up correctly, AutoCLIP may enable better call handling and reduced call volume on the operator enabling her to be more efficient at other jobs she may have.

It is possible to turn AutoCLIP on or off, apply it only to certain trunk routes, make it one use only by deleting used records, apply it only to calls where the called party does not answer, limit the time records are stored from 8 hours to 4 weeks or limit the function to only apply if the incoming call is presented on the same trunk that made the outgoing call.

AutoCLIP bypasses the normal incoming route programming such as a ring group to deliver the call directly to the extension that made the call thereby preventing those mystery calls to the operator from people who say “I had a missed call from this number”and the operator has no idea who made the call.

Once the call is at the extension it will follow the regular extension programming of ringing on the extension alone, simultaneously ringing a mobile, going to voicemail or going into a ring group.

With features like this, the Yeastar S-Series PBX is extremely versatile for many small businesses and these features are standard from the 20 extension S20 up to a fully expanded S300 capable of 500 extensions then into the server-based K2 capable of up to 2000 extensions.

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